I am so excited to introduce Leticia to all of you ! Leticia is a leading event coordinator in the rgv and one of the most amazing friends you can ever have. When the idea surged for a wedding showcase she quickly jumped to task and coordinated the whole day. She kept all of us on time and I’m so grateful she did !

Here is a quick look at everything she coordinated for us:

and here are some fabulous weddings where we worked together:


She is truly amazing as an event coordinator and friend, lets get to meet her! :

how did you start your journey as a wedding coordinator?
I began my journey as a coordinator when I helped plan my sisters wedding 8 years ago. I fell in love with planning weddings, although I did not plan another one until my wedding 2 years ago. After going through the process myself I definitely knew that I was destined to be a wedding coordinator to help brides all over the valley plan their perfect wedding day!

a favorite memory/experience during an event?
My favorite memories from each and every one of my weddings are the toasts. That is the moment in every wedding where true sentiments and emotions come out. It is the moment where the groom officially becomes inducted into the brides family and vice versa. Any hurt from family feuds is forgotten, differences are set aside, and everyone is united to share in the newly joined love of husband and wife. That is the moment where I fall in love with my job over and over again!

(3) things you love:

1. My family!
2. A Filet Mignon, cooked medium to medium rare (depending on my mood)
3. Waking up late or taking mid day naps (This doesn’t happen to often any more)

These are in no particular order and are not the top 3 things I love either! Just things I love in general (put a smile on my face)

(3) things that bug you:

1. Nail biting (my husband does this)
2. Screen Savers
3. Rude People

Again, these are in no particular order and are not the top 3 things that bug me either! Just 3 things that came to mind when I read the question.

your top advice for engaged couples:
Your wedding is exactly that….YOURS! Even though advice from family and friends is always welcomed and appreciated, in the end it is the day that you, as a bride, have been dreaming up since childhood. It is the day that will live in you and your fiance’s memories forever. Before you begin the mad rush to the dress boutiques and the flower shops stop and think what the most important thing for you is, besides of course marrying the man of your dreams! If the memories you want to treasure are of a cirque du soleil reenactment happening all around you and your guests then by all means do that! Of course I exaggerate, but you get my point….plan it the way you want to remember it, not the way your mom, dad, mother-in-law, etc. would like to remember it.

Thank you so much Leticia for being part of the rgv wedding vendors project !!!

For more information about her services, make sure to check out her website Leticia Arriaga Event and Wedding Coordinator

much love,

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Gaby from Quinta Mazatlan! If you are looking for an outdoor location for your wedding in Mcallen, this is the place to go. It is absolutely gorgeous! Gaby will guide you through the process and even give you a tour of this wonderful location.

Huge thanks to Quinta Mazatlan for believing in our project to showcase some of the best vendors in the valley. All the previous posts were shot at this wonderful location. Make sure to check them out and get to know all the participating vendors.

and now…. let’s get to meet Gaby!

How did Quinta Mazatlan start the journey as a Facility Rental?

Quinta Mazatlan is a premier event setting in South Texas. It is first choice for weddings, receptions, family reunions, special meetings and conferences – a backdrop of South Texas nature and culture that enhances any festivities. The Spanish Colonial Revival-style architecture offers a warm home atmosphere for close friends to business associates.

The historic 1930’s adobe home can accommodate a small group to a large group of up to 300 guests. Meeting, dining and socializing space is available in the Grand Hall, Courtyard, Wooded Meadow and Front Lawn.
Rooms of the historic home are available for rent during business hours for business meetings as well as for photography sessions. After hours, the entire mansion is available to rent for all celebratory events.

A favorite memory/experience during an event?

There is so many to choose from but I guess the most important detail for me is when you get to see the excitement in the bride and groom’s face when they look at Quinta Mazatlan and they can see their most important day on their life happening here.

things you love:

I love being able to be part of so many happy endings that truly is what makes my job worth it. I love the fact that Quinta Mazatlan is not only a facility rental but an environmentally sensitive area and home to many birds and wildlife which provides to any event an atmosphere of elegance and at the same time freedom.

things that bug you:

One of the main things that bother me is when I can’t accommodate a bride either for the day being booked already or by not being able to accommodate a larger number of guests.

Your top advice for engaged couples:

First of all be happy enjoy your day it is one in a life time. My main advice to the brides Is not to stress too much on their wedding day just lay back and enjoy It everything will work out.


Quinta Mazatlan
Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals
Cynthia’s Cakes
Five Star Productions Videography
Hair+Makeup Artist Rose Mary
Sposa Mia Bridal
Leticia Arriaga Wedding Coordinator
Wray+ Co. Catering by Design
Special Flowers

Thank you so much Gaby for sharing with us! and on a very special note…. Gaby: We love you! and we are thrilled to see that you are doing great ! Take care and we wish you the best in this new year.

lots of love,

  • Priscila - hi! i really love the way that place looks, i would like to know how much it cost to have a little wedding there and if u have rooms to stay there, i hope u can help me 🙂

  • rosa mercado - seeking information for a quince celebration at your venue.

    june 25,

    100 guests


I’m thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous (and soon to be married !) team behind Five Star Productions It is truly a JOY to work with them, we synchronized very well when working together and I just love their work! Make sure you checkout their site here

Let’s start with Brenda !

How did you start your journey as a Wedding Videographer?

When John Paul started he did the shooting completely by himself. He eventually felt he needed a 2nd cameraperson and looked to me to fulfill that position. At the time I was attending college, majoring in Psychology and minoring in English, so I was the obvious choice for the position. It was tough because I had to make time to film weddings between studying for exams and writing research papers. But I found it interesting so I managed.

As the years passed I helped John Paul in other aspects of the business and by the time I graduated college I was working full time for him. I became the secretary/2nd cameraperson/graphic artist/editor/and personal cheerleader. I have many responsibilities, but I love doing every single one.

Though I love all my jobs, I do have to say editing is my favorite. Editing really peaked my interest. I began helping John Paul while he edited and soon I was editing on my own. I love the idea of creating something a couple will cherish for a very long time. I also love the fact that their family, friends and future generations will also enjoy what I am creating.

Though I never thought I would have ventured into the wedding business, I am glad that John Paul introduced me to this amazing career. I am a lucky girl to have a job that I love and enjoy doing.

A favorite memory or experience:

It’s nice when we bump into a couple several years after the wedding and they say they have watched their wedding film several times. To know a couple has viewed it over and over again, because they loved it that much means we have done an excellent job. That is a great compliment for our hard work.

Top advice for an engaged couple:

A wedding can be stressful, but the type of vendors you select can make a huge difference. It is crucial to look at quality before anything else. It is important to go with a vendor who knows what they are doing, works in a professional manner, and has your best interest in mind. A vendor who can deliver all of the above and more will help your day be a memorable one.

Things I love:
Spending time with loved ones
Anything PINK
Crafting to my hearts content
Themed parties. I am the queen at throwing themed parties.

Things that bug me:
People who don’t say “please” and “thank you.” We teach children to be polite, so why aren’t adults held to that standard.
People who are rude or mean to others.
HOT weather. I don’t like to sweat.
Driving. I’d rather be chauffeured (by John Paul).

and now let’s hear from John 🙂

How did you start your journey as a Wedding Videographer?
While I was pursuing my Television/Film degree, I began filming weddings as a way to pay my college tuition. I first began filming weddings for family and friends with my little 8mm handycam. It started as something I did part time, but soon became a passion of mine. While working at Channel 5, I was able to save money to purchase a Mac computer and I convinced my parents to buy me a professional video camera. It all started with one camera and a computer working out of my parents house. I remember the days of meeting clients at their houses or at the local Starbucks. Once I started booking more weddings, I decided it was time to get a studio. I opened my first studio in 2003.

I had seen so many wedding videos out there that did not capture the moment and essence of the wedding day. I was determined to create something meaningful and different. I wanted to create a wedding film, something that the couple would have to cherish for the rest of their lives.

We have been in the wedding industry for over 8 years. We constantly strive to keep things fresh and new. Every year we learn new ways of filming and different techniques of editing. Adapting to new technology is something that helps us stay ahead in the wedding business.

I have always enjoyed the art of filmmaking, it is truly my biggest passion. I love putting together different clips and creating something that is so meaningful to a couple. If I could do this forever I would be a happy man.

A favorite memory:

My favorite memories are when brides call me after they receive their film and said they were in tears after viewing it. It means so much to me when my films have such an impact on someone. When I get that phone call or letter from a bride, it reminds me why I do what I do.

Top Advice for engaged couples

When choosing your wedding photographer and videographer, choose one with a personality you can get along with. You will spend a great deal of your wedding day with your photographer and videographer, so their personality is a key point. They will be there when you are getting ready until the time of your departure from the reception.

Things I love
Spending time with family
Film Editing
Watching Movies
Chips and Salsa

Things that bug me
People who say that they can produce our quality of work for half the cost
105 degree weather in the Valley.
When I buy a camera and the next week they come with a new model. Because of course I have to buy the new model.
Chauffeuring people (Brenda) around.

Thank you so much Brenda+John for being part of this project, please know that we love working with you and we wish you the best on the big step you are about to take !

and….last but not least the amazing video John created for us !

Take a look at it on his blog: John Arriola’s Five Star Wedding Films

much love,
anahi 🙂


Huge thanks to all my friends that made this possible:

Quinta Mazatlan
Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals
Cynthia’s Cakes
Five Star Productions Videography
Hair+Makeup Artist Rose Mary
Sposa Mia Bridal
Leticia Arriaga Wedding Coordinator
Wray+ Co. Catering by Design
Special Flowers
Former Bride and Friend Alex Hobbs
Our fabulous models Monica, Xavier, Jorge Luis, Ana, Edna

I am thrilled to introduce you to Blanca from Sposa Mia Bridal, she is one of the first wedding vendors I met when I started in the wedding industry. I was looking for something very special for a fashion bridal photo shoot and with out hesitation she agreed to collaborate with us and we were so lucky to shoot her amazing gowns. It was truly one of those shoots that made a huge impact in my career. I will be forever grateful to her for trusting me ! Thank you so much Blanca for all your support, your bridal store and line is absolutely gorgeous and very unique, I’m so lucky to know you and work with you !

Now….. let’s get to know her better, and if you are looking for a wedding dress please do not hesitate to stop by her shop, you will enjoy every minute of it !

how did you start your journey in the wedding gown industry ?

It all started when I was planning my own wedding. I began the search for the perfect couture wedding gown ,and after visiting several local bridal shops I realized that every shop carried the same line of gowns, there was no shop in the valley who catered to the bride looking for high end designer wedding gowns. If anybody wanted to find those nice gowns advertised on national bridal magazines, at that time, the bride had to travel in order to purchase it. That is when the idea of opening Sposa Mia Bridal started.

A favorite experience you’d like to share with us ?

Every bride has a special place in the my memory, but I have to say that my favorite one is when a local bride, who had purchased her beautiful gown with us, came up to me and mentioned that she was so thankful that our shop carried the designer lines and all the nice bridal accessories you see advertised in the bridal magazines, that she didn’t had to travel far to find them. That moment I remembered when, I myself was in search for my dream wedding gown, and how I had wished so much to find it In one of the local shops at that time.

3 things you love:

love coffee in the morning and a good breakfast, love animals and my family, and love to watch “say yes to the dress”.

3 things that bug you:

I hate animal abuse, I don’t like to eat alone, and loud noise.

Your top advice for engaged couples ?

Actually this advice goes to the brides, when you are in search for the gown, remember that no matter what anybody tells you, it is your day and It is your dress. You are the one who is going to wear it, and when you find it you will know. Many brides think that they need to try on a bunch of dresses, but it is not a matter of time, it is a matter of feeling the dress and knowing that it is the “one”. It actually is like when you met your fiance, somehow you knew he was the “one” and you probably didn’t keep meeting other guys just to make sure you were right.

Thank you so much Blanca once again for being part of this project !

For more information about Sposa Mia, please visit her website.

Thank you so much to all our models, former bride and friend Alex Hobbs, Monica, Xavier, Jorge Luis, Ana, Edna.

Hair and Makeup by Beautiful Brides by Rose Mary

All photos by Anahi Navarro Photography

  • Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals - Choosing your dream gown is an unforgettable expierence to treasure at “Sposa Mia”
    To shop with Blanca is relaxing and the atmosphera is ideal.
    They have the best quality selection for brides from famous designers.
    Plus the staff is very helpful!

  • Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals - Choosing%20your%20dream%20gown%20is%20an%20unforgettable%20expierence%20to%20treasure%20at%20%22Sposa%20Mia%22

  • Leticia Arriaga - Sposa Mia is the only shop in town that will make you feel like a Queen….from the moment you walk into Sposa Mia their undivided attention toward you while choosing a dress to the moment you put the dress on for your wedding day is unmatched in the valley. Sposa Mia is the place to visit when searching for that perfect gown!

  • Cynthia Ebrom - Just the mention of the name “Sposa Mia” reminds me of being in the wedding district in NYC where all the very famous designers call home.