Leticia Arriaga-brownsville and mcallen event an wedding coordinator

I am so excited to introduce Leticia to all of you ! Leticia is a leading event coordinator in the rgv and one of the most amazing friends you can ever have. When the idea surged for a wedding showcase she quickly jumped to task and coordinated the whole day. She kept all of us on time and I’m so grateful she did !

Here is a quick look at everything she coordinated for us:

and here are some fabulous weddings where we worked together:


She is truly amazing as an event coordinator and friend, lets get to meet her! :

how did you start your journey as a wedding coordinator?
I began my journey as a coordinator when I helped plan my sisters wedding 8 years ago. I fell in love with planning weddings, although I did not plan another one until my wedding 2 years ago. After going through the process myself I definitely knew that I was destined to be a wedding coordinator to help brides all over the valley plan their perfect wedding day!

a favorite memory/experience during an event?
My favorite memories from each and every one of my weddings are the toasts. That is the moment in every wedding where true sentiments and emotions come out. It is the moment where the groom officially becomes inducted into the brides family and vice versa. Any hurt from family feuds is forgotten, differences are set aside, and everyone is united to share in the newly joined love of husband and wife. That is the moment where I fall in love with my job over and over again!

(3) things you love:

1. My family!
2. A Filet Mignon, cooked medium to medium rare (depending on my mood)
3. Waking up late or taking mid day naps (This doesn’t happen to often any more)

These are in no particular order and are not the top 3 things I love either! Just things I love in general (put a smile on my face)

(3) things that bug you:

1. Nail biting (my husband does this)
2. Screen Savers
3. Rude People

Again, these are in no particular order and are not the top 3 things that bug me either! Just 3 things that came to mind when I read the question.

your top advice for engaged couples:
Your wedding is exactly that….YOURS! Even though advice from family and friends is always welcomed and appreciated, in the end it is the day that you, as a bride, have been dreaming up since childhood. It is the day that will live in you and your fiance’s memories forever. Before you begin the mad rush to the dress boutiques and the flower shops stop and think what the most important thing for you is, besides of course marrying the man of your dreams! If the memories you want to treasure are of a cirque du soleil reenactment happening all around you and your guests then by all means do that! Of course I exaggerate, but you get my point….plan it the way you want to remember it, not the way your mom, dad, mother-in-law, etc. would like to remember it.

Thank you so much Leticia for being part of the rgv wedding vendors project !!!

For more information about her services, make sure to check out her website Leticia Arriaga Event and Wedding Coordinator

much love,

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