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I am thrilled to introduce you to Blanca from Sposa Mia Bridal, she is one of the first wedding vendors I met when I started in the wedding industry. I was looking for something very special for a fashion bridal photo shoot and with out hesitation she agreed to collaborate with us and we were so lucky to shoot her amazing gowns. It was truly one of those shoots that made a huge impact in my career. I will be forever grateful to her for trusting me ! Thank you so much Blanca for all your support, your bridal store and line is absolutely gorgeous and very unique, I’m so lucky to know you and work with you !

Now….. let’s get to know her better, and if you are looking for a wedding dress please do not hesitate to stop by her shop, you will enjoy every minute of it !

how did you start your journey in the wedding gown industry ?

It all started when I was planning my own wedding. I began the search for the perfect couture wedding gown ,and after visiting several local bridal shops I realized that every shop carried the same line of gowns, there was no shop in the valley who catered to the bride looking for high end designer wedding gowns. If anybody wanted to find those nice gowns advertised on national bridal magazines, at that time, the bride had to travel in order to purchase it. That is when the idea of opening Sposa Mia Bridal started.

A favorite experience you’d like to share with us ?

Every bride has a special place in the my memory, but I have to say that my favorite one is when a local bride, who had purchased her beautiful gown with us, came up to me and mentioned that she was so thankful that our shop carried the designer lines and all the nice bridal accessories you see advertised in the bridal magazines, that she didn’t had to travel far to find them. That moment I remembered when, I myself was in search for my dream wedding gown, and how I had wished so much to find it In one of the local shops at that time.

3 things you love:

love coffee in the morning and a good breakfast, love animals and my family, and love to watch “say yes to the dress”.

3 things that bug you:

I hate animal abuse, I don’t like to eat alone, and loud noise.

Your top advice for engaged couples ?

Actually this advice goes to the brides, when you are in search for the gown, remember that no matter what anybody tells you, it is your day and It is your dress. You are the one who is going to wear it, and when you find it you will know. Many brides think that they need to try on a bunch of dresses, but it is not a matter of time, it is a matter of feeling the dress and knowing that it is the “one”. It actually is like when you met your fiance, somehow you knew he was the “one” and you probably didn’t keep meeting other guys just to make sure you were right.

Thank you so much Blanca once again for being part of this project !

For more information about Sposa Mia, please visit her website.

Thank you so much to all our models, former bride and friend Alex Hobbs, Monica, Xavier, Jorge Luis, Ana, Edna.

Hair and Makeup by Beautiful Brides by Rose Mary

All photos by Anahi Navarro Photography

  • Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals - Choosing your dream gown is an unforgettable expierence to treasure at “Sposa Mia”
    To shop with Blanca is relaxing and the atmosphera is ideal.
    They have the best quality selection for brides from famous designers.
    Plus the staff is very helpful!

  • Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals - Choosing%20your%20dream%20gown%20is%20an%20unforgettable%20expierence%20to%20treasure%20at%20%22Sposa%20Mia%22

  • Leticia Arriaga - Sposa Mia is the only shop in town that will make you feel like a Queen….from the moment you walk into Sposa Mia their undivided attention toward you while choosing a dress to the moment you put the dress on for your wedding day is unmatched in the valley. Sposa Mia is the place to visit when searching for that perfect gown!

  • Cynthia Ebrom - Just the mention of the name “Sposa Mia” reminds me of being in the wedding district in NYC where all the very famous designers call home.

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