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For those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Cynthia, you already know how special she is. A visit to her shop will leave you with a great feeling and without a doubt you will be inspired by her and her beautiful work. There is so much dedication and love that goes into her creations, and as a result of this, her clients receive true works of art.

and now…lets get to meet her!

how did you start your journey as a wedding cake designer?

My journey started in “survival mode”, $5 and fate.  I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.  As a single parent back in 1983 I found it impossible to make it on $3/hour and raise my son.  I could have gone on welfare but my pride wouldn’t allow it.

My sister in law took one of those cake courses at the mall in Victoria, Tx. and brought home this beautifully decorated “Holly Hobby” cake.  A huge light bulb lit up and I thought maybe I could make extra money doing cakes.  Didn’t have $15 to take the course so with the last $5 for the month I bought a little decorating kit (3 tips, some bags, 4 food colors and a tiny brochure) and taught myself how to decorate cakes.    I’d tell my friends and co-workers…”hey I’ll bake you a cake if you buy me a pan”!  That type of bartering went on for a number of years.  Really didn’t make much money at all but the most important thing that happened was I found myself during those first few lean years.   Guess you can say cake decorating  found me…it was a way for me to express myself and get away from the troubles and worries in my life at the time.  I found a passion deep inside of me along the way that will probably last forever or until my hands give out.  Today I look back on it all and know why cake decorating found me….it kept me alive!

a favorite memory/experience during an event?

Anytime I see a bride walk up to her cake and get excited and/or cry with tears of happiness, I know I did my job to the best of my ability.  I’m not perfect but strive to decorate every wedding cake with passion and love.  It’s my name attached to every cake that goes out and I want it to say “I loved decorating it”!

3 things you love:

1) My personal family is very supportive of my career but they have sacrificed so much!  Especially nearly every weekend since 1990. I love any amount of “time” I can spend with my family.  Owning a business absorbs and robs so much family time that when we do get together it is like celebrating Christmas.

2) I love to go to Vegas and get lost in the commotion and the excitement.

3)  I love my time off!  I have worked  nearly every weekend since 1990 so any time I get off is like heaven.

4) I love all kinds of flowers

5) I love working with my vendor friends and sharing my knowledge and analyzing the trends in the wedding industry.

6) Love playing dominoes.

7) Love designing and decorating cakes!

3 things that bug you:

1) Disrespect of my time, my art,  my family and friends.

2) I really get perturbed when I hear rumors that all my wedding cakes cost over $2,000.  Where does that number come from?  Do I make $2,000 cakes?  Yes, but not every weekend….maybe 2-3 times a year.  It hurts to know some people won’t even come to see what we can offer for their budget for fear of that $2,000 number.

3) Bad drivers and checkout people who don’t smile or say thank you after you’ve spent small or large sums of money on their products.

your top advice for engaged couples:

Plan early, set up appointments and book early especially if you are wanting a cake from Cynthia’s Cakes.  We generally book 8 to 12 months in advance.

last but not least….

Our newest flavor, Intense Chocolate, took two years to perfect and we will be unveiling it in August at our next formal tasting day at Cynthia’s Cakes LLC, 4112 N. Doolittle Rd., Edinburg, Tx.

As a special way to thank our customers, all cakes ordered in the month of September will receive a 10% discount. Call 956-381-0008 for details and availability.

Make sure you make your tasting appointment ! Make sure to stop by her website: Cynthia’s Cakes

Thank you so much Cynthia for all your support and inspiration.
much love,
anahi 🙂

Here you can view some of the weddings where we have worked together:


All photos by Anahi Navarro Photography

  • Lupita Gomez-Lang - I was one of the lucky clients to receive not a cake, but a masterpiece. Cynthia made what we jokingly called “The Jealous Guy” cake for my husband’s birthday last year.. -not that he is a jealous guy, we are huuge John Lennon fans- … The cake not only looked amazing, but tasted diviiiiine and my husband loved it. Cynthia was a pleasure to deal with, and coincidentaly, a big John Lennon fan herself. She shared with me the story about once delivering a cake to the Dakota building, where Lennon once lived… isn’t that amazing?

    Cynthia, if my husband behaves well, I will reward him with one of your delicious and beautiful cake this year as well!!


  • Wray & Company Catering by Design - Cynthia, You’re work is outstanding! It has been our pleasure to work with you over the past ten years and have the privilege to serve your beautiful cakes. You are truly a master of your craft.

  • Leticia Arriaga - Beautiful works of art….I absolutely love Kris & Rays cake!
    It has been so wonderful working with you on so many fabulous weddings.

  • Raymond Ponce - I have had THE PLEASURE of meeting Ms. Cynthia and she is a REMARKABLE WOMAN and a TRUE ARTIST at HEART….

  • Lizbeth Guerra - Cynthia made our cake seven years ago when we got married, and long before we entered the wedding industry ourselves. We loved her back then and we love her now!

  • Dream Weddings by All Party Rentals - I admire her talent,she creates the most unique and beautiful wedding cakes in the Valley!

  • John Arriola - I always know a Cynthia’s Cake when I see it. That is why she is the only one I send my brides to.

  • Ana Curtis - I will like to make appointment to discuss details for a wedding. Please call me at 956-605-9003.

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